International Arbitration Proceedings

Key Stages
Notice of Arbitration
Notifies the other party in the arbitration agreement of an intent to begin arbitration proceedings
Response to the Notice of Arbitration
The Appointment of an Arbitrator or Arbitrators
Including approval of the terms of their appointment, unless defined by applicable Rules of Arbitration
Procedural Conference, Conference for Directions
Rules of procedure, language, place, and time of the arbitration proceedings are discussed. Preparations for the hearing are conducted and the question of interim measures is addressed
Procedural Order No.1
The parties in the dispute agree upon the order of the proceedings
Statement of Claim and Statement of Defense
Contain detailed description of the history of the relationship between the parties, a description of the misconduct with evidentiary support
The Hearing
Statements from the parties, questioning of witnesses and experts
"Unforeseen circumstances" and the actions of arbitrators
Final Award
Decision on the merits of the dispute between the parties
Correction of Technical Errors, Reopening of the Proceedings
Deviations are possible in international arbitration proceedings. For instance, in "minor" disputes, generally those worth up to $1,000,000, a review of documents can be done without oral hearings. The omission of oral hearings can also be provided for by an arbitration clause itself.

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