Services Offered in International Commercial Arbitration

International business, like any other commercial activity, runs the risk of non-execution or improper execution of international contracts.
Such disputes are predominately arbitrated in international arbitration institutions. This ensures the enforceability of arbitral awards in almost every country in the world, which is something that cannot be guaranteed when international commercial disputes are adjudged in national courts.

Alexander Dolya
Attorney, LLM, FCIArb
How Can I Help Your Business?
I provide assistance with the following within the scope of arbitration proceedings:
  • Drafting arbitration agreements/clauses
  • Drafting procedural documents
    At all stages of an international arbitration dispute
  • Accepting appointments as arbitrator
  • Review of international contract violations
  • Representation in international arbitration proceedings
  • Assistance in enforcement of international arbitral awards
Contact information
Telegram: @AlexDolya
Attorney registration number 77/10346 in the register of attorneys of the city of Moscow